Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The Depopulation of the World is REAL

When I lived in America, I saw premature death everywhere! Ironically, this premature death happened to the poorest and most defenseless of all citizens: minorities, women and/or children. The politicians and others who were supposed to safeguard the village turned a blind eye to what was happening. Years later, it turns out that this premature death was the wish and works of the political and economic elite.

When you look at the history of the world, social genocide (autogenocide) is as old as patriarchy. Matriarchal societies believe in the intrinsic value of life and do not kill people or children. Patriarchal societies, on the other hand, do kill. Not only do patriarchs kill, but they give the credit, "glory" and justification to a violent male god or scapegoat it on someone else, including women who are blamed as "witches" who are then killed, continuing the rivers of blood.

Why does America kill its own citizens? That is explored in my other essay The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide. All I know is that all my life I saw people-good and innocent people-cut down before or in the prime of their lives only because industry didn't need them as workers and because they cost more money and resources than they generated. Ironically, many of these people were "Christians" in a "Christian Nation."

The Christians of my former village, Saint Cloud, Minnesota, were more bloodthirsty than most Christians. They fervently supported the politicians every time brutal social forces were to be unleashed at the weakest members of the village. Even the "liberal" Christians of Saint Cloud could not drink enough of our blood. This was shown when they had employment vacancies and filled them only with their own and not the poor and suffering unemployed.

Saint Cloud is a place of blood and death. Its one of the most racist places I have ever lived and I lived in the Deep South as a child. The people on the inside made sure that every gate to decent employment was guarded tightly so only "good" people (people born middle-class white or higher) got all the jobs that paid a decent living and fringe benefits. Sure, everyone in American has "legal" rights, but no one really enforces them, especially in a time where the middle-class don't have enough good work for themselves. Good jobs have always been rewarded and awarded along class and gender lines. That is how the suffocating racist society works!

For example, although I earned four university degrees, I was denied employment at Stearns County. I applied to work 20 hours per week in the mailroom and I applied for another job registering voters at 14 hours a week. To keep out the "cockroach people" (lower classes and women who didn't look like Barbie), Stearns County hired two young middle-class girls still in high school. Either one of those jobs could have saved my life, but to my bloodthirsty, racist, Christian village, I wasn't worth saving. Neither were the other college graduates who came from humble beginnings who also applied for those jobs. See, once you get into a Stearns County job, you get preference in hiring for other full-time work with the county.

The name of the politician (see The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide) who told me that IT WAS HIS JOB to kill unwanted villagers by unleashing crushing social forces on them (he called it an "Executive Decision") is Joe Opatz. Killing others for the status quo has its rewards. Joe's gotten out of politics because he got a cushy job paying a cushy wage with cushy fringe benefits at Great Lakes College in Brainerd. Ironically, most of the students at that college come from the working class, thus the graduates will probably never get a decent job with decent wages. Those jobs have always been historically, politically and socially guaranteed to the children born in the established middle-class. Read Howard Zinn (A People's History of the United States). He writes that the status quo needs the established middle-class to keep the current System going. This is why the established middle-class is coddled to and the poor and others are left out in a savage social and economic wilderness to die.

America is the richest nation in the history of the world but still it uses legislation, premeditated non-legislation, male bureaucracies and male institutions (including churches) to kill its own people! I was a Witness to this. A scientist, I started counting the premature deaths and their circumstances in my Christian Village. This is why someone put a bomb in my car early November 1998 (its all on public record, too). I was too close to the truth. More, I had been selected for de-population, and when I refused to die for Saint Cloud and the United States of America, that's when they decided to take me out or warn my husband to take me out. A bomb in your car carries that message and more!

Why did Saint Cloud want me dead? I've made lists about this for many years. First of all, I was a threat. Although I was legally allowed, I wasn't socially allowed to apply for jobs that are secretly guaranteed to the white middle-class. I sued the school district and some other "public" institutions when I found out they had hired people with less education and experience than me, but came from that holiest of holy people: the established middle-class.

The blood-drinking Christians of Saint Cloud and Minnesota in general, are misogynists. They like women subservient, crawling on their knees, to serve men and their institutions/businesses. That's why most of the jobs available to women in Saint Cloud are minimum-wage jobs. I wouldn't work a minimum-wage job unless it was intellectually challenging and fed my soul. But intellectually challenging, quality work is reserved for the "leaders" of the village: "wise" white men of "pedigree" and their wives.

Minimum-wage jobs are designed to kill people through not providing enough money for existence and through causing despair and hopelessness that kills eventually (despite the rhetoric and propaganda, most minimum-wage workers do not rise through the ranks to a good job). Go ask the people who work at Fingerhut about that. I've known many college graduates who worked there hoping to become a manager after years of faithful, low-paid service, but when there was an opening, a white middle-class male was hired from outside for the position. I saw this everywhere in Saint Cloud besides at Fingerhut.

Many people asked me why I didn't try to get work in the Twin Cities. I did. The same system prevailed there as it did in Saint Cloud. So much for "Minnesota Nice"! Now that I look back, I see that the Saint Cloud System was a micro version of the federal macro system of classism and hiring.

The poor and disenfranchised are blamed by the media and government for their "condition" because these people (my people) are supposedly ignorant, uneducated and are not "cultured." This is not true! Right at this moment (and for the last several years), there are more unemployed college graduates in America than unemployed high-school dropouts. Of course, this is something the media, industry and government hides. Its hard to de-man-ize and justify the deaths of others for "failing" to help themselves when they did, only to find no work reward for getting an education. The ghettos, trailer parks, barrios, Indian reservations and the other places society puts its poor are FULL of college and university graduates who are disenfranchised-locked out of work-only because they don't "rank" enough "class" to get a better job!

There's just not enough good jobs for every worker in America, so someone has to die. It can't be the established white middle-class or they will balk. Those people that have to die are innocent but in a frontier-justice, patriarchal, Biblical Christian country, the despised (single women, independent women, minorities, children of such groups) have to die. Its the American Way.

Corporations, the rich, conservative Christians and the like scream BLOODY MURDER about social safety nets. But without social safety nets, victims of capitalism and the System die in droves. That is exactly what has been happening the last ten years in America. Check the Internet about this: studies about this phenomena have been hidden or restricted. To this day, no "official" government study has investigated how many people have died because of the shredding of welfare and social safety nets of 1996. But there are studies out there that PROVE that the disenfranchised are dying at an alarming rate compared to ten years ago!

The depopulation of the unwanted groups of America is the continuation of "business as usual" for a country established for the sole benefit of capitalism and Calvinism. Capitalism, like patriarchy and the Old Testament, is psychopathic and someone has to be "sacrificed" so others can have their "American Dream" and so the oligarchy can continue their hidden rule for another two hundred years.